Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

I made these so very long ago. It was for one of best friends birthdays. 
Colourful Cupcakes!
I actually haven't made some cupcakes for a while. 
Will have to get back into it. 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lemon Tart

I am slightly in love with lemons.
I love the tang, colour and zing it can bring to food.
From the simplicity of squeezing some juice on to some salad, to adding it to some icing for the perfect cream cheese icing. Lemons are divine.

I've always loved Lemon Tarts, but always thought they were to hard to master. I finally decided to attempt to make one. Let's just say it took me about 5 hours to complete, but it was perfection.
I used a biscuit flour base, which is extremely hard to work with, but when you get to eat it, it is rewarding. It melts in your mouth, whilst mixing with the tangy lemon mixture.

Friday, 12 August 2011

The little pink ones...

They are simple little cakes set in patty pans, but bring back memories of ones past.
Back when i was a kid, they were a must have at parties. There were precisely three main types.
1. the pink ones, covered in a delicious raspberry jelly coating, covered in coconut, the right amount of cream for moisture and the glazed cherry for decoration.
2. the brown ones, also known as the lammington ones, which had a rich chocolate coating, covered with coconut and like wise with the pink ones, the right amount of whipped cream and a glazed cherry.
3. Butterflies. Should i say simple? This requires techinique to cut a circular cone in the middle of the cupcake, filling it with some whipped cream/strawberry jam, making the cone into wings, setting them as wings and dusting with icing sugar.
These three cakes were what my mother would make. I was always enchanted by them. I think this started my love for cupcakes…baking….and just cooking.
Are there any foods that spurred you into cooking from a young age?
What foods from your childhood bring back the best memories?
I made some of the pink ones recently.